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Program: Administrative Bookkeeping:

Our 8-week training program for Administrative Bookkeeping Includes:

• All Books

• Accounting supplies

• American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) membership fee

• Excel reference guide

• QuickBooks software subscription fee

• Site-placement for hands-on work related experience

• Basic Excel training & Certification fee

• The R.E.A.D. Program Completion Certificate

In-addition, trainees will begin earning apprenticeship credit hours in order to qualify for our Government Approved Apprentice Program. The Administrative Bookkeeping program prepares participants for entry level jobs as finance professionals or general business professionals. Participants learn the full accounting cycle which includes knowledge, processes and all the fundamental tools required to actively pursue and work in the business and financial sector. They will gain the knowledge in which to successfully execute positions such as; payroll clerk, accounting I clerk, medical billers, bookkeepers, A/R and A/P clerks, adjustment clerk and bank teller I positions. Participants learn the fundamentals of accounting principles, the accounting equation, debits and credits as they relate to the accounting cycle and more specifically, the context of a bookkeeper’s role in organizations. The R.E.A.D. Program is uniquely poised to deliver short-term training in Administrative Office Bookkeeping by delivering a focused curriculum that integrates knowledge, current technologies and practical hands-on learning experiences. This occupation is one of the largest growth occupations in today’s economy; with about 212,400 new jobs expected over the next decade.

Administrative Bookkeeping Training Includes:

The training you will be receiving will include; general administrative bookkeeping, fundamentals of accounting principles, terminology, learning all the functions and tasks of the complete accounting cycle and payroll functions as it relates to the context of a bookkeeper’s role. Participants learn to apply accounting theory and knowledge and practical hands-on accounting by way of manual accounting, accounting software (QuickBooks) and Microsoft Excel. This will prepare you for an administrative bookkeeping position or related job role.

The complete Program Cost is $4,257.90 and includes:

• Tuition

• Membership Fees

• Books

• Reference guide

• Certification Study Guide

• Certification Test Fees

This is an 8 week program!!!

Training is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30PM to 9:30PM. There is a 2 hour lab (flexible) associated with each class day.

Program’s Entry Qualification:

If you need additional information, or want to set-up an appointment call: 678-565-5501.

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