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Medical Secretary/Office Administrative

Overview: Medical Secretary Office Administrative an Approved Apprentice Program 

C.M.R.S. Certification Exam Preparation {Online Training Available}

Poised to deliver our short-term 12 to 18 week certification skilled trade training, for A Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS), by delivering a focused apprentice program that integrates knowledge, and current practical hands-on learning experiences; Introduction to prepare and teach the transition of ICD-9/ICD-10 dual coding, general office procedures with verbal and written communication skills, understanding medical terminology, customer service skills, organizational skills, general medical insurance billing and reimbursements coding procedural skills, the (CMS) HCFA-1500 billing, typing skills, office automation, electronic health/medical record skills EHR/EMR, medical office software, understanding CMS (HIPAA) law & ethics, general duties such as scheduling, medical accounts payable/receivable, revenue cycle, account follow-ups, EOB-Explanation of Benefits, remittance advice, medical financial statements, and basic banking skills. CMRS testing is provided on a national level. 


The CMRS exam represents the future in healthcare administrative careers. It will increase employment options. Being certified is in demand to become gainfully employed, and remain employed. The Exam prepares participants for entry/Mid-level jobs in the general Insurance business, hospitals, clinics, dental office, chiropractic, and most health agency. Participants will be tutored with the fundamentals required to understand the exam materials. The Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) is responsible for maintaining financial integrity to protect the privacy and security of patient information. This certification is to empower and increase participant’s values that have obtained skilled trade training, or certificates in others medical office programs Such as:  (MBIC) Medical Billing/Coding, and (MA) Medical Assistant. 


Our program for CMRS includes all books, membership fees, certification, study guide, certification exam fees, CPR/BLS, HIPAA training, The R.EA.D. Program completion certificate, and the CMRS-Certification:  

As a skilled trade Certified CMRS Specialist, you may perform some of the following tasks: 

· Review and Audit patient records for compliance as requirements 

· Abstract clinical information for reports such as quality improvement 

· Perform basic billing/coding to submit claims for reimbursement for insurers 

· Process Release of Information (ROI) requests for medical records 

· Review patient records to ensure they are complete 

· Collect patient demographic and insurance information 

· Understanding Terminology/Anatomy 


Program-Includes: R.E.A.D. completion certificate, E-books, CPR/BLS, AMBA membership fees, study guide, and CMRS certification exam fee. We also assist with on job skilled training placement.


Cost Overview: 

$4905.00 Includes: All books, CPR/BLS training, membership fees, R.E.A.D. completion certificate study guide, and CMRS certification test fees!

This is a 12-week program: ONLINE Training Held: 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. After the first four-weeks training, on-site job placement training will be setup.

Program Entry Qualification:  

Complete contact form on website:, a high school diploma or GED graduate, at least 18 yrs. of age, provide a resume, an entry interview setup by appointments only.

Program Cost and Duration as Published for the General Public. Please note W.I.O.A. (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Funding, if applicable.

The Apprenticeship Program:

What does Apprenticeship mean? A portion of training is done while working for an employer who helps the apprentices continues to enhance their skill- trade. This means earn an income as you continue to improve skills. After Completion of our 18- week program, each trainee will be considered with high recommendations to gain related employment working credit hours of 2,000 or less. In-addition, after working credit hours are completed, each trainee will receive a skilled trade Apprenticeship Certification provided by the United State Department of Labor Government Approved Apprentice. By offering the apprentice-program, each trainee is allowed an opportunity to take the exam to gain the work experience needed in their field of study. This certification provides proof of paid/employment with related working experience, which allows the employers proof of on-job work related skills in the field of Medical Secretary/Office Administrative. The medical office field is in demand for individuals who have work related skills. Our program strongly believes in providing trainees with the real world work related hands-on skills to increase their employable opportunities.